Damian Einbinder

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I did not plan any of this. The reason that I got into real estate was that I just lost a job and had an angry girl friend at home telling me to get a job bartending graveyard at a smokey local bar or taking out the garbage at the hospital. So I'm driving down Flamingo Rd. and see a real estate school. I happened to have 600 dollars in my pocket, so I said to myself, "Realtor," I can do that, so I pulled in and signed up for school.

5 years later, this is my career and I have been very blessed to find this business. Some things happen for a reason I believe.

Client Testimonials

Aaron Salter

Damian is a fantastic agent. I would not hesitate to recommend him based on our experience. He was knowledgeable and reliable and helped us find exactly what we were looking for. We couldn't have been more pleased with his reputation at every step throughout the process. 


Kathy Brock

Damian is an amazing realtor and person! He is focused on doing his best for his family, friends and clients. If you're looking for someone who wants to help you find the RIGHT home and not just the one that'll make him the most money, Damian is your man!


Mike Nelson

Einbinder The Homefinder did a great job, very corteous and professional, helping me sell on of my properties. I can't wait to work with him again! Thanks you Damian!


rodzilla rodzilla

Damian was wonderful to work with. From how he listened to our wants and needs to his unbelievable drive to find the house that was the exact fit for my family and I. If you're looking for the home of your dreams with a personal touch and just not a house I would 10 out of 10 recommend Damian. He goes above and beyond in all aspects of the process and made me feel like he cared that I got what I wanted and fought to get me the best deal possible. Thank you again Mr. Einbinder I never thought in a million years I'd own home that I can watch my kids grow up in. My wife and I are incredibly happy we went with you to help us fulfill our dream of being home owners.


Susana Dumalag

Damian helped me and my daughter find our dream house. He worked endlessly to ensure everything went through from showing up to my lender’s appointment to closing date. Thank you for making my dream come true and making me a home owner in America.


Joanna Jiminez

Damian was the best REALTOR @ Easystreet Realty. He's was very responsive to any questions I had no matter the time. Put my home for Sale, within that first week we had multiple offers, sold that same week...Process was easy and smooth! Thank you.


Lori Gray

Damian is an amazing agent! I've utilized his expertise twice! He's the best! Very knowledgeable, personable and gets the job done right!!! He's someone I'd definitely refer others to! Thank you!


Christine Saphire